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  • Highland Reeds Drone Valve

Drone Valve (Highland Reeds) (In Stock)


Product Description

The Highland Reeds Drone Valves utilize an adjustable screw which gives a very accurate adjustment to your airflow to the drones.  They will not fluctuate with uneven blowing.  

The many advantages are:

  • Assists with clean starts and stops
  • They set to your blowing strength
  • Your drones are more regulated
  • They are your Pipe Major's best friend!

Check out Major Hitchings helpful video below:

Product Reviews

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  1. easy concept!

    Posted by Mike Thombs on 17th Dec 2020

    I recently purchased the valves to help with blowing stamina. These valves are adjustable so that I can keep my bag as full as I possibly can. Takes some time to find the sweet spot, but when you do it’s easy sailing from there! Great product!

  2. Drone valves

    Posted by Keith Porter on 15th Oct 2020

    Working on transitioning to bag pipes was having trouble with keeping drones going and striking in. Another band member suggested the drone valves. I am impressed after installation I was able to keep 3 drones going.
    Before I could only keep one going and I have not adjusted them yet. Worked as advertised. Very happy.

  3. absolutely the best

    Posted by Porch on 5th Apr 2020

    I ordered The Highland Reed Drone Valves and it made all the difference in my Pipes. Highly recommend them.

  4. Easily installed.

    Posted by Bill Poiry on 12th Feb 2019

    Easily installed. Working on adjusting them. Appreciate the screw adjustment.

  5. difficulty adjusting

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2018

    I can’t really fairly evaluate the product, Because I’ve not been able to use them. The adjustment for the strength of my blowing is made with a screw on the valve that is reached through the drone stock. However, I can’t find a tool long enough to reach the valve to adjust by going through the drone stock. But initially, they have not corrected the problem for which they were purchased. At this point I will have to uninstall the drone valves, make a slight adjustment, reinstall the drone valves, and then try playing the pipes. Repeat as necessary. (John's reply: Hi, sorry I would email you, but you didn't leave your name, so I'll post my hint here. You need a long handle Phillips head screw driver which will reach the screw, or you can take it out using the zipper on the bag if you have one. It will take just a couple/few adjustments to find what's right for you, then you can just forget it. Hope this helps. John)

  6. Did the trick

    Posted by Michael Daly on 25th Oct 2016

    I play McCallum P2 pipes with Balance Tone drone reeds. I had been having problems with my strike-ins and cut-offs. I purchased these drone valves and, after some fiddling around with the setup, my problems are gone. I haven't noticed any discernible loss in drone volume.