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Measurement Guide | J. Higgins, Ltd.


As a general note, we ask for cloth tape measurements only. Please do not give us jacket, pant, shoe, hat, or kilt sizes from any other piece of existing clothing you have. There is virtually no standardization in the clothing industry, and unless you have a recent article of clothing from J.Higgins, we insist on accurate and specific measurements outlined in this measurement guide. Do not attempt to measure yourself, you must always use the help of someone else. All measurements are in inches.

The only thing we can really take from something existing is your current kilt length from top to bottom. If you've got a length you currently like, then you can mention that to us during your checkout process. Just make sure that your "waist" measurement is taken from the top of where you are wearing that existing kilt currently.

Kilts & Kilt Skirts 

  1. Waist ___(the stomach at the navel which is the widest for men; narrowest for women. Where women wear their belts.)
  2. Ledge of Hip Bone ___ (This is where men would wear a belt with a pair of pants)
  3. Hips ___(The widest part around the seat)
  4. Length ___(Taken from the ledge of hip bone to middle knee while standing straight; we add 2" to this measurement. Provide total lengths for ladies below-the- knee skirts, we will not add 2" to these type skirts.  Note:  Ladies "total lengths" will be from the upper most point you want to wear the skirt to the bottom of the skirt below the knee)
  5. Trouser Inseam___
  6. Your Height ___ (in feet and inches)
  7. Total length of a kilt you currently own___ (if applicable)

Here is a helpful video which gives you kilt measuring tips:



  1. Chest ___
  2. Stomach ___ (at the widest part of the navel NOT your pant size)
  3. Measurement of a sleeve from a jacket you own___
  4. Your Height ___
  5. Your Weight ___

Here is a helpful video showing you how to measure for a jacket:

Honor Guard Pants

  1. Waist in inches___
  2. Your weight___



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