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Drone Reeds Cane (Set of 3) (In Stock)


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This full set of cane drone reeds is made by Rory Grossart, from GM reeds.  

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  1. Sound nice, but is very hard to work with.

    Posted by IzaƤk on 7th Feb 2017

    It took a bit of tinkering to get these reeds to fire off, I had to insert a paper clip into the bass drone reed. The two tenors I have are of slightly different sizes, which causes one to pitch much lower than the other, so the top of the tenor drone is almost fully-against the projecting mount when using these. Getting them to vibrate was a bit of a challenge, and I did try all of the recommended ways in the included pamphlet. I did get them to fire, but unfortunately, they use so much air that I cannot play comfortably, even with the bridle I had fashioned for them. Being that these are all-cane, they're tone is constantly changing, meaning that you'll have to tune and re-tune many times. I suppose that this would be a great reed if you wanted your bagpipe to be all-traditional like I try to do with my own. However there is a reason why many half and fully synthetic reeds try to mimic the wonderful sound of cane, but without the inherent headache that comes with working with them.

    I would not recommend these to beginners, maybe to novices, but i'd sooner say that this is something better left to the piper that has been playing for many years.

    All-in-all, a great-sounding reed, but very hard to work with. I knew of the risk that would be involved with these reeds, and if you're wanting to give them a try for yourself, remember that they're hard to work with, but they do sound very nice when in-tune and set up properly.