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  • Redwood Drone Reeds
  • A wonderful sound from the RedWood Drone Reeds

Drone Reeds Redwood (Set of 3) (In Stock)


Product Description

The RedWood drone reed has been designed and created by Xavier and Jakez Boderiou. They are a cross-over between the traditional cane reeds and synthetic reeds. The body of the reed in padouk (african red wood) allows for maximum absorption and stability. The glass fibre tongues for the tenors and carbon fibre tongue for the bass drone require low maintenance. Each set of RedWood reeds are tested on several instruments in order to ensure compatibility with your bagpipe.

Features include:

  • tuning pin
  • adjustable bridle.
  • Cane reed sound; plastic reed stability. 

We highly recommend trying these reeds.  You will like the quality of sound and their steady reliability.  Price is per reed.

Give the reeds a listen:

Product Reviews

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  1. Good reeds

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jan 2019

    Very easy to set up, easy blowing. The tenors are very bright, almost silvery, and the bass has good power without roaring. My <2000 Krons really like them. It's a very nice balance that gives me good confidence for the upcoming competition season.

    Thanks a lot,


  2. Great Drone Reeds

    Posted by IzaƤk on 29th Jun 2018

    I have tested a few drone reeds over the years, from all-cane to all-synthetic, I wanted to find something that was a nice balance between the two, I have been playing with Ezeedrones since day one, however these particular reeds caught my eye around a year ago, and after much debate, I gave them a try, they took a wee bit of adjustment to get them to work with my drone valves, as they tended to cut out on me at strike-in, however i've put them into my spare set of pipes, which is set to allow less air to pass through the drones, and they work nicely in it now. Great sound, good reliability. Very nice drone reeds.

  3. Best synthetic drone reed

    Posted by Gary Snowbeck on 3rd Oct 2016

    Love these reeds in my 1950s Hardies! They play right out of the box at the hempline and sound identical to cane.

  4. Best sounding synthetic drone reed

    Posted by Gary Snowbeck on 19th Sep 2016

    I am more than pleased with the Redwood reed you sent me. I put it in and it played right away at the proper pitch level on my drones (old Hardies of 1950s vintage). I had to add one layer of waxed hemp to the tenon for my large bores, but other than that it was smooth sailing! I am most impressed with the tone. I put it next to a cane in the other tenor and was amazed that I actually could not tell the difference. If it performs well over extended playing times without stopping too soon when wet, I will be back for another one! Also, I appreciate the fact that you sell these reeds individually. It really helps when you want to try something new and don't have to spring for a whole set! I generally use a cane bass, so knowing I can buy only what I need when I need it is an added plus. In addition, I appreciated the prompt shipping!