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McCallum Folk Pipes (Blackwood w/ Engraved Alloy)


Product Description

The McCallum folk pipes are a great addition to your bagpipe collection.  They are a quiet alternative to the Great Highland Bagpipe and produce a rich, melodic sound that is perfect for indoors, and small folk gatherings.  

The low A note on the chanter is tuned to concert pitch A (440Hz) which means that the pipes will naturally play in the keys used by other musicians when playing traditional/folk music. The pipes come set-up, ready to play with covers and cords, a synthetic bag, moisture control system, cane chanter reed and ezeedrone synthetic drone reeds.

The pipes are made from black wood and have engraved alloy mounts and mopane projecting mounts, and bag cover and cords.  

Available engraving patterns:  Celtic, Fire Department, Irish, Police, Thistle, Victorian Scroll, Zoomorphic

Take a look at our blog about Beginning the Smallpipes:

Give the pipes a listen:

Product Reviews

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  1. McCallum Folk Pipes

    Posted by Blake Harrington on 22nd Sep 2023

    This set of pipes are amazing! Love the Celtic engraving, the sound is very nice! I am very pleased with these pipes, McCallum pipes always delivers with quality!

  2. Sounds Fantastic

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Apr 2023

    Purchased a set of McCallum Folk Pipes in the key of "D"
    From JHIGGINSLTD. Needed a custom set up on the bag, blowstick, etc. Pipes took a bit to come in (McCallum not Higgins) but was well worth the wait. They look and sound fantastic. Easy to play and great for parties.
    Thanks to All involved in the process! CHEERS!
    Anthony Paolicelli

  3. Very nice sound!

    Posted by Anne Witt on 16th Jan 2022

    My small pipes arrived safely, though the box was a bit squashed. I tried them with all the inner tubing. The instructions say that the moisture control system is optional, so I pulled it all out. The chanter is louder now, and I've not had a problem with reeds stopping. The chanter holes are very small (like my first practice chanter) unlike the GHB. It takes a while to get used to them. However, playing a birl on low G is easier especially for someone with thin fingers.

    I'm very happy with the small pipes. They are just right for this piper who is getting on in years. They're easier to play than the GHB requiring less energy.

  4. Miniature Bapipes

    Posted by Paul Michael Henkelman on 7th Oct 2021

    I wanted another option for practicing and learning tunes. I have a PC and an e-PC. These Folk Pipes are of high quality and they are basically miniature GHB's. Read the description and you will note EZ Drones and a cane chanter reed. The setup was decent and they are tuning at 440. These pipes come with a moisture control system already installed, and it includes drone valves. I am not a fan of all that stuff and I took it out. I have not had any moisture issues so far. I recommend that you purchase a spare chanter reed. These are expensive at $45 but they are a specialty item and I wanted at least one back up chanter reed. Good thing that I ordered and extra because the original reed shut off under low pressure. I am still working on getting it right while I use my backup reed. I got the ABW version with engraved alloy. It looks ok, not spectacular. Also, be aware that these pipes are very quiet. I can see them getting drowned out if you played with a guitar or something. They arrived sooner than I expected for a special order item.

  5. Great smallpipes

    Posted by Paul Scarlett on 25th Aug 2021

    I wanted a set of mouth blown smallpipes to compliment bellows pipes others in our group were playing. These pipes matched up perfectly and sound great. Easy to play. I had several questions before purchase and Griffin told me everything I needed to know.

  6. Great Pipes!

    Posted by Joe Paolillo on 15th Sep 2020

    Just received my set with thistle engravings. They sound fantastic and are beautiful. Because they use a cane chanter reed and EZdrones, the playing technique is similar to GHB. I highly recommend if you are interested in smallpipes. And, as always, excellent service /support from John and griffin!

  7. great purchase

    Posted by A Casagrande on 29th Jun 2018

    Look terrific. Sound even better. Drones have a more rich and mellow sound than my previous small pipes. Really fun to play.

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