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10 Tips for a more Fufilling Practice on your Bagpipes

Here are some tips that I have for getting a more fulfilling and productive playing session under your belt!1. Go Longer:In truth, we can probably run through the things we need to do in about 30 or so minutes. Play through some easy tunes to warm up the pipes, run through the competition sets, and [...]

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A Guide to Our Bagpipe Selection

Be sure to head to our "Product Sound Samples" page and listen to our range of bagpipes currently available: We currently carry 4 different brands of Highland Bagpipes. They are:McCallumWallaceShepherdMacRae (which is a different model of McCallum)Each of these instruments are produced by excellent makers and are played by some of the best in the world. [...]

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Learning the Great Highland Bagpipes

The Great Highland Bagpipe is one of the finest instruments in the world. It is an artform that can be enjoyed at all levels of playing and furthers the tradition and continuation of this ancient instrument. Learning to play the pipes is an amazing opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. "How [...]

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Getting your new Practice Chanter from J Higgins

Unpacking your new instrument is always a thrill! Here are some basic steps to getting your new practice chanter into playing shape!Your chanter should come packaged in two separate pieces. Unwrapping these parts will give you two sections of your practice chanter. They are called the "Top" and "Bottom" pieces. The Top is where you [...]

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Getting to Know Us!

Welcome to J Higgins! We are located in the Kansas City area where we offer a wide range of products from Highland Attire to Piping and Drumming. Our valued team is made up of seamstresses, pipers and drummers who know the product and are actively involved with the Highland scene across the globe. Whether it's a [...]

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