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  • Dri-Flo Water Trap

Water Trap (Bannatyne Dri-Flo) (In Stock)


Product Description

The Dri-Flo system has been designed by Craig Bannatyne and Willie McCallum and extensively tested and played at the highest level of piping, for over 2 years by Willie McCallum and Callum Beaumont, amongst others.
The system been used in differing levels of temperature and humidity in various parts of the globe during that time.  The system has won first prizes at every major solo piping competition in that time.
The Dri-Flo system consists of three tubes which are installed at the bottom of the drone stocks. Air passes through the tubes and moisture is removed by the drying gels (silica gel) before reaching the drone reeds. The drying gels absorb moisture and gradually change colour over a number of playing sessions. This color change will indicate when the gels require drying.
The tubes are installed by one of two methods. They can be hemped directly into the bottom of the drone stocks. The recommended method, however, is to install the rubber cups to the bottom of the stocks, where they fit neatly into the grooves. The tubes are then easily fitted and removed in and out of the rubber cups.
Major Features of the system include:
• Longer playing time, keeps drone reeds and drones dry.
• Excellent air flow to drones with unaffected drone volume.
• Light weight compared to other systems
• Easy visual check when gels need dried
• Starts and stops are straightforward with no valves
• Easy to install and remove
• Suitable for any climate
• Gels have 70% absorption giving longer playing time in between drying
Take a look at our blog about How Temperature, Moisture, and Storage Affects Your Bagpipes:
• No dust particles
• Strong flexible hoses prevent collapsing
Instructions on how to dry gels:
1.  Remove the cap carefully and empty gels very carefully into a plate or jug that is heat resistant (e.g. Pyrex).  Placing a kitchen towel at the bottom will prevent the gels from ‘bouncing’ out and preventing loss.
2.  Remove the kitchen towel and place in an oven at 320 degrees fahrenheit (160°C) heating for 15-20 minutes. Ovens may vary.
3.  Gels should have returned to original orange. Remove and allow to cool. DO NOT TOUCH HOT GELS.
4.  When the gels have cooled, refill the tubes carefully using a paper funnel or jug
5.  The system is ready to be used again.
6.  If gels are dried out in a microwave this will cause the gels to break up which will lessen their effectiveness and unwanted particles may enter the bag.  

Product Reviews

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  1. Jury Still Out, But...

    Posted by PJM on 13th Feb 2019

    It's been less than a week since I received the Dri-Flo, so it's still early, but the outlook is most positive. I installed - twice - the same day I received the Dri-Flo, and was pleased with the ease of installation (in a Bannatyne WMC bag). The first install I skipped taping the cups to the stocks, thought better of it, and for peace of mind installed again with tape. I'm a wet blower, and after thirty minutes of playing I pulled the reeds out, and the reeds and stocks were bone dry. I have not discerned any change in tone. Starts and stops are perfect, but I don't play in a band anymore, so it's not an issue for me anyway. What would be an issue would be added weight and bag obstruction. With the Dri-Flo there is no noticeable added weight, and the pipes and bag fold up in the case as though there is nothing in the bag. The bottom line is, if it's good enough for Willie...

  2. Flexible Moisture Control

    Posted by Michael Lee Rose on 10th Feb 2019

    I was very happy with the purchase. It was delivered quickly, was easy to install and works great. I was looking for something flexible to go into my Small Extended Canmore Bag. Very Happy with results.

  3. Compact, easy to install and very efficient

    Posted by David McNally on 19th Jun 2018

    I recently purchased a Bannatyne dri-flo in preparation for a upcoming contest where I knew the humidity was going to be high. I have a similar system made by someone else, so I was confident that this would yield the same excellent result. Not only did it meet those expectations, it greatly exceeded them! They were easy to install, added hours to my playtime with no fear of moisture buildup and I still haven't had to change the gels. The flexibility provided by both the rubber cuffs and the tubes themselves was a great advantage as I could set my pipes down and not worry about a tube popping out. There was only a slight loss of drone volume which is usually a concern with systems like this. I would definately buy again, plus J.Higgins got them too me super fast which was great in the time pinch I was in for the contest. I will happily recommend Bannatyne Dri-flow and J. Higgins to others; friends, bandmates and students alike.

  4. Great drone moisture control system

    Posted by David Van Buskirk on 6th Mar 2018

    My instructor recommended I give the Bannatyne Dri-flo system a shot. After some searching, the only stateside store I could find carrying it was J. Higgins (which is fine with me. They’re reputable and affordable with good shipping). And at about $50, it was well within an affordable range to at least try out.

    When I received the package, I was apprehensive. I’m not one for messing with something if it’s not broken, so knowing I had to remove my drone stocks to put the cups on made me nervous. Luckily Bannatyne and Willie McCallum had a video on YouTube of Willie uninstalling and reinstalling stocks on his Bannatyne Willie McCallum hybrid bag (which I use). Once the cups are on, reinstalling is a cinch.

    The gels are easy to take care of and the instructions included tell you what to do once they needed to be recharged. For me, it’s 30 minutes at 320 degrees Fahrenheit every single time. Putting the gels back in each tube is tricky if you don’t have a funnel. But make one out of paper, with a little tape, and each tube is filled in seconds. You get enough gels for about 3 sets of tubes, so it’s not a big deal if some get lost at some point.

    Putting the Dri-flo system in takes an extra 45 seconds for me. Taking them out is about the same amount of time. I put them in and take them out every single time I play my pipes. I don’t leave them installed overnight or anything like that.

    The benefits have been bone-dry drone reeds and tongues. Strike-ins are easier. The sound of my drones is a little less harsh and loud and a little more refined (at least on my shoulder they sound that way). I’d definitely recommend this for ease of setup and tear down as well as improvement in drone volume and tone.

  5. No Dust, Easy Set-up

    Posted by Brad Logan on 16th Jan 2018

    My instructor uses the Bannatyne Dri-Flo system and recommended it to me as I’m a fairly wet blower. The initial set-up is simple with the black cups; removing and reinstalling the tubes is a breeze.

    This was also my first order with J. Higgins. Purchasing was easy and shipment was fast. I’ll be a regular customer in the future.