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Pipe Bag (Gannaway w/ Only Zipper)


Product Description

The Gannaway zipper bag includes primer and tie in, but the seasoning is sold separately. We recommend Gannaway's seasoning for this product.

Available Sizes: 

Small (9.75 x 26")

Extended Small (9.75" x 28")

Medium (10.5 x 26")

Extended Medium (10.5 x 28")

Large (11.5 x 27.5")

Note: The feature of the medium extended bag is the drone and blowpipe holes are moved closer to the chanter for increased comfort.

Gannaway Leather Primer is essential for newly fitted Gannaway Pipe Bags, and superb for helping to bring older leather bags (of any manufacture) back to life!

It is recommended that all Gannaway bags are re-primed with Gannaway Leather primer, at least once a year, to maintain maximum tightness of your Pipe Bag.

NOTE: Gannaway Leather Primer contains no preservatives, so will expire if not used within several months of manufacture.  To test; if a strong odor emits when the lid is removed, do not use the bottle.  Call us for a replacement.  Not for use in synthetic or hybrid bags.

Important Product Note:  All bagpipe bags can develop mold and fungi with regular use if not cleaned and disinfected properly.  This can lead to chronic inflammatory lung disease.  Please take careful precautions to ensure your bag and blowpipe are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent mold and fungi from developing.

Product Reviews

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  1. Leather split at each hole.

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2019

    I purchased a Gannaway extended small Zippered pipe bag, tie-in style about a week ago. I’ve always had good luck with them. However this particular bag tore at each of the drone stock locations with the exception of the chanter stock while I was tying in my drone stocks. Not sure if the leather was weak or just very dry. I dampened the holes before tying in but no such luck. I’ve since returned it to J. Higgins for a replacement and hope to have it this week, as I am needing a bag ASAP.

  2. Finally!

    Posted by Robert Alan Rife on 3rd Jul 2019

    The best pipe bag I ever owned was a large sheep hide many years ago. However, it was at a time when I was playing constantly. As such, it was perfect for the time. My playing is more intermittent these days and I've gone to the ease and convenience of newer technologies: seasoning-free fabric and zippered bags. They're wonderful but feel like playing a large condom! It's so nice to have both the strength, stability, and heft of this new hide bag again, but with the added benefit of technological advances of zippers and easy drone fitting. As a 6'1" guy with 3' long arms (albatross), the larger size is extremely comfortable. Plus, it's remarkably airtight. A great product thus far!

  3. Very comfortable bag

    Posted by John Rinciari on 7th Apr 2017

    The Gannaway small extended pipe bag is the go to bag for the piper who is short, and stocky as my self! The narrower girth of the bag prevents the shoulder from rising up, thus losing leverage, while the extended length compensates any loss of air volume, and adds to the level of comfort. The workmanship is of the highest quality, as Gannaway products are known for. My only negative observation at this time is a slight bit of moisture coming from between the bag hide, and zipper. I will address this with adding additional primer, and if that doesn't remedy the issue, I'm confidant that Gannaway will make good on warranty.

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