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Pipe Bag (Gannaway w/ Collars & Zipper)


Product Description

The Gannaway pipe bag with zipper and collars includes primer and tie in, but the seasoning is sold separately. We recommend Gannaway's seasoning for this product.

Available Sizes: 

Small (9.75 x 26")

Extended Small (9.75" x 28")

Medium (10.5 x 26")

Extended Medium (10.5 x 28")

Large (11.5 x 27.5")

Note: The feature of the medium extended bag is the drone and blowpipe holes are moved closer to the chanter for increased comfort.  The blowpipe and all three drones are fitted with rubber collars for easy installation.  You tie in the chanter stock the traditional way with twine or a C clamp that is provided.

Gannaway Leather Primer is essential for newly fitted Gannaway Pipe Bags, and superb for helping to bring older leather bags (of any manufacture) back to life!

It is recommended that all Gannaway bags are re-primed with Gannaway Leather primer, at least once a year, to maintain maximum tightness of your Pipe Bag.

NOTE: Gannaway Leather Primer contains no preservatives, so will expire if not used within several months of manufacture.  To test; if a strong odor emits when the lid is removed, do not use the bottle.  Call us for a replacement.  Not for use in synthetic or hybrid bags.

Important Product Note:  All bagpipe bags can develop mold and fungi with regular use if not cleaned and disinfected properly.  This can lead to chronic inflammatory lung disease.  Please take careful precautions to ensure your bag and blowpipe are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent mold and fungi from developing.

Product Reviews

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  1. Best pipe bag ever!

    Posted by chrisy on 25th Mar 2021

    This is my 3rd Gannaway pipe bag in 15 years. Minimal maintenance, great weight, balance, and feel. With the rubber collars it was super easy to install! I am a loyal fan and this will be my go to bag always!

  2. Gannaway Bag

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jan 2021

    "The Gannaway bag has been my "go-to" choice since first being introduced to it over 20 years ago. I have played nothing but the Gannaway bag since that time and have also recommended it to all of my band members and students since that time. I find it excellent with moisture control - moreso than any other hide bag I have ever played outside of the maintenance-intensive sheepskin - and it is well suited to the North American climate. I play the bag with no moisture control system, and even for my students who have been wet blowers we have only added a basic tube-trap moisture control system to great effect. The bag performs well in all weather conditions and temperatures, is the most ergonomically comfortable pre-cut bag i've played, and is 100% dependable for tightness when maintained as it should be. I purchased this bag to install on a "new" to me set of vintage pipes which I recently obtained and it will join my other vintage silver and ivory set which is also fitted with a Gannaway purchased here. I also have my son's bagpipe fitted with a Gannaway purchased here making us a "Gannaway family." Thanks John and company for your usual stellar service and for offering great products such as this at the best prices possible!

    All the best, and many thanks!
    Bill Caudill

  3. Best bag Ive played

    Posted by Mike on 2nd Sep 2019

    So far, very happy with the Gannaway bag! Extremely comfortable and a breeze with starts and stops!
    Time will tell re: longevity and moisture control!
    Great service through Higgins, great communication and prompt delivery!

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