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Pipe Bag (Gannaway Original)


Product Description

The Gannaway original pipe bag includes primer and tie in, but the seasoning is sold separately. The original bag has no collars or zipper.  We recommend Gannaway's seasoning for this product.

Available Sizes: 

Small (9.75 x 26")

Extended Small (9.75" x 28")

Medium (10.5 x 26")

Extended Medium (10.5 x 28")

Large (11.5 x 27.5") 

Note: The feature of the medium extended bag is the drone and blowpipe holes are moved closer to the chanter for increased comfort. 

Gannaway Leather Primer is essential for newly fitted Gannaway Pipe Bags, and superb for helping to bring older leather bags (of any manufacture) back to life!

It is recommended that all Gannaway bags are re-primed with Gannaway Leather primer, at least once a year, to maintain maximum tightness of your Pipe Bag.

NOTE: Gannaway Leather Primer contains no preservatives, so will expire if not used within several months of manufacture.  To test; if a strong odor emits when the lid is removed, do not use the bottle.  Call us for a replacement.  Not for use in synthetic or hybrid bags.

Important Product Note:  All bagpipe bags can develop mold and fungi with regular use if not cleaned and disinfected properly.  This can lead to chronic inflammatory lung disease.  Please take careful precautions to ensure your bag and blowpipe are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis to prevent mold and fungi from developing.

Product Reviews

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  1. great bag, great shipping

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Apr 2022

    I’ve used a grommeted and zipped gannaway previously with excellent results, but after 7-8 years it was becoming harder to maintain. I was also unsure of the sizing. I used a small grommeted but went with a medium tie in, and noticed a significant improvement with playing and comfort. Or maybe it’s a $290 placebo. Either way, very happy with the purchase.

  2. Better than synthetic

    Posted by Keith Roddey on 15th Dec 2021

    I finally moved to a hide bag, having used a large Ross synthetic for close to 9 years. (Yup, it lasted 9 years...just recently developing leakage around one of the seams). I am a convert. I really like now using a hide bag. Yeah, it takes a bit more work tying in and treating. But it feels great and I think it sounds better, it contributes to my pipes sounding better. Of course it's somewhat hard to quantifying that, especially having removed the Ross moisture control system and valves, which certainly (at least I think) detracts from a smoother air flow. I can say the bag feels better to my arm and side, it feels full and solid...and I don't think I've ever had such rock-solid bag. It was my first time tying in a bag and that took a lot of time finding a process that worked for me (even after watching multiple videos with different techniques). It was hard getting the first tie around the indented section of my stocks (I ended up doubling the sinew looping it around each stock with a simple loop knot and having the end on my door knob to provide a secure anchor) and I used a small hose clamp to keep the hide from slipping down on the stock. I didn't use the sinew that came with the bag. I used the stronger stuff you can buy and waxed it with black wax. After getting down a process, I got through the tying-in process ok. It looks and feels pretty good...there'll be no air coming out of any of my stocks. I wish though I would have tied in the bass stock so it tilted more to the left, away from my face. But as the bag gets more supple with use and seasoning I expect it'll fall more outward away from my cheek. Main thing is I am very satisfied with this bag and for the amount of money I spent switching to a hide bag. And I am feeling confident I will never go back to a synthetic bag, as I'm finding a real difference with this hide bag.

  3. Excellent bag!

    Posted by Justin DeVaull on 14th Mar 2019

    Best in the business. Prompt processing and delivery!

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