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  • Kilt alteration

We can alter your kilt to make it fit you again, or make repairs. Click here for more information.

Call us at 1-800-426-7268, or email us at [email protected] to discuss.

Product Description

We alter kilts that no longer fit our customers, regardless who made it.  You would need to send in the kilt along with a completed measurement form (found at the bottom of our home page, or by scrolling down to the bottom of this page) with a note detailing what you need done.  As part of our alteration service, we normally replace kilt straps and buckles with our kilt alterations and discard the old ones, as well as replace your kilt's old lining with new lining.  This is a great way to get your kilt looking great, and fitting better.

Call us at 1-800-426-7268, or email us at [email protected] to discuss. 

Here is a general cost guideline for the type of alteration needed:

  • Replace kilt straps and buckles $30.00
  • Put a hem in the kilt $30.00
  • Replace kilt lining with new lining $75.00
  • Alter waist and hip $195.00
  • Alter waist and hip and hem $195.00
  • Alter total length shorter $195.00
  • Total reconstruction of kilt (required with larger alterations) $275.00.   Note!  We're offering a COVID sale price on  our complete kilt reconstruction service.  Have your kilt re-sized for $195.00.  Take advantage of this offer and get your existing kilt resized and reconditioned while we wait out the quarantine.  You save $80.00 and we keep sewing!
  • PLEASE NOTE we can also make a kilt from material you provide for $275.00  We'll extend the same sale price for this service too!  Have our kilt makers make a new kilt with your material for only $195.00. 

Return shipping via ground service to you will cost $19.00.  Alterations delivery times can vary widely depending on what needs to be done, so please contact us and we'll give you an estimate once you place your order.  Call us at 1-800-426-7268 with your timeline, and we'll tell you if we can get it done.

Note:  In rare instances, we find that some kilts cannot be altered larger due to large changes requested (generally increases of 8" or more).   But, there is really no limit to reducing a kilt.

Send the kilt using the following address:

U.S. Mail, FedEx or UPS:  J. Higgins, Ltd., 10559 Lackman Rd., Lenexa, KS 66219. 

Be sure to insure the package. 

Please view our video below and our measurement guide that follows for measuring tips.

Kilts & Kilt Skirts 

  1. Waist ___(the stomach at the navel which is the widest for men; narrowest for women. Where women wear their belts.)
  2. Ledge of Hip Bone ___ (This is where men would wear a belt with a pair of pants)
  3. Hips ___(The widest part around the seat)
  4. Length ___(Taken from the ledge of hip bone to middle knee while standing straight; we add 2" to this measurement. Provide total lengths for below knee skirts, we will not add 2" to these type skirts.)
  5. Trouser Inseam___
  6. Your Height ___ (in feet and inches)
  7. Total length of a kilt you currently own___ 


Product Reviews

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  1. Turned an ebay used kilt into a custom kilt

    Posted by Mike Ramsey on 25th Sep 2020

    I bought a nice used Ramsay blue kilt on ebay a year or so ago, even though it was just a little too big for me. I had a local tailor take it up a little, but just wasn't satisfied with the way it fit and hung. So I decided to see if John could fix it.
    I'm glad I did. Not only does it fit perfectly, but it now has new straps and buckles and a new liner. Those were unexpected bonuses.
    Should I ever need to have another kilt altered, or another custom kilt made, I will have J.Higgins do it.

  2. Outstanding Workmanship

    Posted by CAPT George Graves on 11th Mar 2020

    I had two of my Edinburgh made kilts remade larger and your work is simply first class. They are every bit as beautiful and well made as they were by the original Scots kilt maker and the fit is perfect. I will definitely be ordering a new kilt from y'all in the near future. Thank you for giving me back my treasured Highland Dress!

    CAPT George Shaw Graves
    Houston Texas

  3. Perfect fit

    Posted by Mark on 7th Feb 2017

    Thanks John for a great job on my kilt alteration. I was so disappointed when I received my custom made kilt from a UK kilt maker and it didn't come close to fitting properly. Thanks again it fits perfectly, I'm thrilled !

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