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J. Higgins Custom Kilt (13oz) Medium Weight


Product Description

Are you concerned about measuring yourself for a J. Higgins kilt?  Then, try our new Video Chat service where we web conference with you while you measure yourself for a kilt.  It's free and easy!  Click here for more information:

Your J. Higgins Kilt is finely tailored from premium Scottish wool by our own kilt makers here in Kansas City since 1983.  Each kilt is carefully crafted from authentic tartans imported from Scotland.  Don't be concerned if your measured waist size is bigger than your pant size.  This is normal.  Your waist size will ALWAYS be bigger than your pant size you buy! We can also make matching tartan flashes (listed under Footwear).  

Our kilt makers will tailor your kilt to have 3 buckles/straps, belt loops and double fringe on the front apron.  Each kilt is fully lined in the waist.

NOTE: This is a custom garment that cannot be returned.  Because we make these kilts to order, please know that delivery is approximately 8 to 10 weeks.  This is a general estimate.  

NOTE: Price will change depending on sizes submitted.  Price ranges are as follows: 

7 yard kilt (Hips up to 37") $400 (Sale Price $350.00)

8 yard kilt (Hips 38 to 46") $425 (Sale Price $375.00)

9 yard kilt (Hips 47 to 55") $495 (Sale Price $445.00)

We believe our kilts are among the best kilts made in the world.  Let us make yours!

Check out our blog about "Caring for your J. Higgins Kilt":

We want to introduce you to Drum Major Jason Paguio.  Jason is a 5 time World Drum Major Champion.  Here he is at the 2016 World Championship wearing his J. Higgins Napier kilt and Class A Honor Guard jacket.  We were truly honored to tailor Jason's kilt and jacket.  Jason tells us his outfit was the only one with zero dress fault deductions in the contest.


NoteUse only a cloth tape measure when taking kilt measurements.  Do not use rulers, or metal tape measures!  Check out our video and measurement guide below for helpful suggestions on how to measure.

There are two ways to pleat your kilt in the back.  You can either pleat it to the sett so the tartan is shown front and back in the same way, or pleat it to the line so that we choose one line to emphasize which then makes the pleating pattern look completely different than the front.  Some tartans don't lend themselves to pleating to the line.  We show you an example of both in the photos below using the Royal Stewart tartan.  If you're in doubt, we strongly suggest you pleat to the sett as pleating to the line can make a stark difference.  First time kilt wearers should maybe avoid pleating to the line.  You can email John at [email protected] to learn more about pleating.  

   Pleating to the Sett pleat-to-the-sett.jpg          Pleating to the Line pleat-to-the-line.jpg

Kilts & Kilt Skirts 

  1. Waist ___(the stomach at the navel which is the widest for men; narrowest for women. Where women wear their belts.)
  2. Ledge of Hip Bone ___ (This is where men would wear a belt with a pair of pants)
  3. Hips ___(The widest part around the seat)
  4. Length ___(Taken from the ledge of hip bone to middle knee while standing straight; we add 2" to this measurement. Provide total lengths for below knee skirts, we will not add 2" to these type skirts.)
  5. Trouser Inseam___
  6. Your Height ___ (in feet and inches)
  7. Total length of a kilt you currently own___ 

Product Reviews

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  1. Beautiful-

    Posted by Cassie on 4th Feb 2022

    We purchased a medium weight kilt for our daughter who plays the bagpipes. The kilt is very well made and is beautiful. She is looking forward to many memorable events while wearing it!

    We are still working on adding other pieces to her ensemble and have every confidence that the J. Higgins team will take good care of us.

  2. Nice work!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Dec 2021

    Kilt arrived on time. Pleated to the stripe as per band specs. Seems to fit well.

  3. Quality Always

    Posted by Derek on 15th Nov 2021

    I played with Silver Thistle Pipes and Drums in Austin, TX for about 15 years. During that time I was issued a number of J Higgins kilts, and all were of great quality. These kilts were not new when I joined the band, but they looked new! When I decided to order a kilt in my own family tartan, I thought of J Higgins first because of my long experience with their quality products. I was not disappointed! If you want a quality product at a fair price, look no further than J Higgins!

  4. A fine kilt!

    Posted by George Campbell on 9th Jun 2021

    The kilt is beautiful and well-made. Customer service was unsurpassed. My only reservation is that the straps are a bit stiff, though will probably become more supple with wear. Thank you.

  5. Absolutely perfect!

    Posted by Brian F. on 22nd Jan 2021

    I first learned of J. Higgins, Ltd over 25 years ago when I got involved in a Clan society. J. Higgins came highly recommended by many of my fellow members. I was able to see, first hand, the quality of workmanship that went into their product. Even though I was not able to purchase a kilt, I purchased many of my Highlandwear accessories from J. Higgins so I would have them for when the time came. (A good friend even gifted me with my first J. Higgins sporran.) I remember, clearly, the wonderful customer service I received those 25 years ago. (Yeah. That sticks with ya.) October 2020, I found myself in a position to take the plunge. I corresponded with John about materials. I was sent several swatches from various mills to aid in my selection. Again, received stellar customer service in this process. After making my decision, I submitted my kilt measurements and placed my order. Within 10 minutes or so, I received a phone call. It was Griffin. He explained he had received my order, but one measurement seemed a bit off and offered an expert suggestion. Not only that, I was given the option of accepting the suggestion or not. It was left up to me. I went with the suggestion. Let me add, this short conversation was most-friendly and I enjoyed it. While awaiting order fulfillment, I went ahead and placed a second kilt order. During this time, I corresponded with John and Griffin about other accessory purchases and was always met with the most cordial responses and any questions I had were always answered in a very timely, helpful, and cordial manner.
    My kilt arrived! Just, wow. I could't have been more pleased! The kilt is absolutely beautiful! The craftsmanship is stunning! In those 25 years of waiting, I have been "introduced" to other kiltmakers out there. I will say this...I am so glad I stayed true to J. Higgins and went with this wonderful company. There was no question I would.
    To anyone out there looking to get into the "Kilt Life", I can recommend letting J. Higgins take care of all your needs. I recommend J. Higgins as adamantly to you as my fellow clansmen did to me 25 years ago.
    Thank you John! Thank you Griffin! It's been a great experience.
    You guys will always be my go to for all things Highland wear! No doubt about that.

  6. 8 Yard custom kilt

    Posted by G Brogan on 26th Dec 2020

    I needed a Kilt for a wedding purchased an 8 yard Scottish handmade kilt off the clearance rack and enjoyed wearing afterwards. I wanted to buy a kilt to match my name and ordered one from JH the quality of the kilt I received was equal to are superior to the Scottish kilt that cost $300 more. Thank you JH I will get years of enjoyment and complements from your beautifully made kilt.

  7. expertly constructed, high quality garment

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Nov 2020

    This Kilt is lovely! The fabrics is high quality, and even though it is heavy it remains quite balanced and flows when I walk. I had called about my measurements and it was good because it fits perfectly! Don't be shy and give them a call because you want it to arrive without any surprises.

  8. great quality kilt! 5 stars.

    Posted by Andrew on 13th Aug 2019

    Great quality kilt! Very well made and great service! Help with all my questions! Would recommend buying your kilt here.

  9. make the kilt part of your normal daily wear

    Posted by Kevin on 11th Jun 2019

    I was anticipating it’s arrival for weeks. I’ve been nurturing a liking for the Scottish wear for a long time. I’m sort of a peacock and like to stand out. Guess what? On my debut no one said a thing, though I caught them turning their heads. But, I look fat without a jacket, something I need to work on. Ross clan tartan, gorgeous!

  10. Only the FINEST!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th May 2019

    This review is not only for the kilt I received, but for the OUTSTANDING customer service I've received along the way.

    First, the kilt: I could not have imagined how masterfully made this kilt would be. When I opened the package, I was blown away by the weight and feel of the material. These kilts are worth every penny, without a doubt. I can't wait to get another one, and absolutely get it from J Higgins.

    Secondly, the customer service: I purchased other items from J Higgins. Not only did they allow my request to send those other items early, but they also answered every question I had in the meantime, and quickly.

    I would recommend this kilt, or any other product that J Higgins has to offer, without a doubt!!!

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